In any space – whether it’s an office or classroom, hotel or cinema – you want the people using it to be as comfortable as possible. Your carpet can make a huge difference to their wellbeing. And if it’s a work space, it’s proven that better acoustics can enhance the health, happiness and productivity of those who use it. With Interlay loose lay resilient underfloor, you can create floors that feel good underfoot and improve acoustics, maximising comfort and minimising noise.

What is Interlay?
It’s a loose-lay resilient underfloor in 50cm x 50cm tiles. It’s designed specifically as an underlay for Interface modular carpet. Once, it was difficult to find a backing for carpet tiles that succeeded in doing everything you want from an underlay. But now, Interlay ticks all the boxes:

  • Reduced noise
  • Underfoot comfort
  • Easy to install
  • Sustainable installation - no adhesive needed
  • Long-lasting, economical
  • Flexible - allows easy change of carpet tiles
  • Small orders possible
  • Interlay is to be used only with Interface carpet tiles
  • Interlay can be used in conjunction with the majority of Interface carpet tiles








How Interlay can help
Interlay significantly improves acoustic performance in any room by absorbing sound and dampening impact noise - the ideal way to combat your building’s acoustics.

Find out more about Interlay
For more information about Interlay, please call our Customer Services team on 08705 30 40 30 or email us.