Our Carbon Approach


Cool Carpet® Key Points:

• Based on a LCA calculation:
The total amount of greenhouse gases emitted throughout the full life of the carpet tile – from raw materials, manufacturing, use and maintenance through to disposal at end of life – is calculated using the latest Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software.

• Cool Carpet™ is third party verified:
The verification conducted by SGS includes the validation of the LCA methodology used to model and calculate the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the full life cycle of our carpet following ISO 14040/44 standards; and that the life cycle emissions associated with the products sold as Cool Carpet were offset through the retirement of an equivalent number of verified emission reduction (carbon) credits. The entire process is conducted in accordance to ISO 14064-3 guidelines for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions.

• About the carbon offset projects we support :
The carbon offset projects we support are certified according to the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) or the Gold Standard (GS). This assures that the carbon credits we purchase are validated and verified by an accredited third-party, that credits are real (have happened), additional (beyond business-as-usual activities), measurable, permanent, unique (not used more than once to offset emissions) and retired in a public registry

• Cool Carpet certificates assess the quantity of carbon offsets customers have participated in with their carpet tiles orders.

• Cool Carpet can earn a LEED Innovation Credit

Carbon Offset Projects in 2013-14 Include:

Rubber Tree Plantations in GuatemalaWind Power Projects in ChinaBiomass In IndiaWindopower In IndiaBiomass Cookstoves In Ghana